TPA LS 23-asis tarptautinis sąskrydis

Pradžia: 2020 birželio 12

Pabaiga: 2020 birželio 14



A special anniversary gathering of the IPA National Section of Lithuania – the 23rd gathering – will be held this year!

This weekend full of the spirit of sport in Trakai Wellness and Recreation Park “SLĖNIS“(Valley) is an excellent opportunity to meet old friends and to find new ones as well as to make new acquaintances while admiring the magnificent surroundings of Trakai and spending your time pleasantly, vivaciously and healthy. We invite the members of all branches of the IPA Lithuania, IPA foreign national sections of various ages together with their families united and interrelated by common activities, ideas and hobbies to this wonderful feast. Branches participating in the gathering will have a possibility to celebrate the achievements of their members in sports, dance, talent and lots of other areas.  Well, and we will make our best to integrate everything, what you have the best in specially selected activities and forms, into the overall programme of the gathering. 

We have prepared lots of prizes and surprises to the participants of the gathering. And the most importantly that a great mood, positive emotions, unexpected discoveries and unforgettable experiences are waiting for you the whole weekend!

Whereas the number of houses is limited, the priority will be given to those members/branches, who were the first to register and perform a payment transfer. Furthermore, it is possible to book rooms in Trakai hotels located near the place of the gathering:,,

In the territory, there are stationary toilets and showers as well as bio-toilets will also be provided.

To the attention of teams: It is recommended to organise arrival at the destination by buses. The transport vehicle parking space in the territory is very limited, in the event of any lack of the parking space, the transport vehicles would have to be parked in unprotected parking lots outside the territory.